Still not quite there…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I built this page… and then didn’t do anything with it. What happened to my visions? My goals with this page? Perhaps me using my artist name is stopping me from unleashing what really wants to come out? I have no idea.

All I know is that I today cleaned up this website, and my social media. I have chosen paths that didn’t quite felt right for me, you know. Still not sure if I deleted that because of fear, or because it wasn’t right. All I know is that it helped to get me here. Get me to write another blog post. At least that something?

I’m a visionary philosopher, secretly exploring the authorfield. Interesting.

Perhaps I should do this a but more intertwined with my official, public name? The goal with this process and this page, as I describe in ”about me”, is to find a way to dare to be all that I am. To mix and melt together my inner, private self to my public one… woooa. Quite a scary little thing.

I feel like my public name is kind of ”owned” by my employer, but that’s another prison I lock myself up in, right? I think so.

Let’s see.

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